Who Is Your Lifesaver?

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According to Forbes, here are “Reasons To Apply For A Cash Advance”

• Business Expansion and Renovations: A store may be doing so well that it wants to expand but needs available cash. According to one 2021 survey, nearly half (49%) of small business owners plan to increase staff and expand or remodel their business. • New Equipment, Inventory and Supplies: You might be seeking to add […]

Bank Lending Is Steadily Declining…Time to Explore Alternative Funding!

Bank Lending Is Steadily Declining…Time to Explore Alternative Funding! If you’re a small business owner, and you walk into a bank, you’ve got around an 80 percent chance of getting denied. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the unemployment rate in America has increased from 3.5 percent or 5.7 million people in February 2020 […]

Cap on SBA Grant turns Businesses to Cash Advance

Cap on SBA Grant turns Businesses to Cash Advance The SBA has rolled out Supplemental Targeted Advance Grant Program. The cap to this small business relief is $10,000. As business are getting back on their feet they are still struggling with inventory, invoices, vendors and bills. This limit is leaving many business stranded of options. […]

Finance Your Business Needs When It Needs It

Did you know that small businesses represent 99% of all businesses that asked for and are not receiving the financing they need? According to the Federal Reserve, in 2018, of the small businesses that applied for funding, more than half received less funding than what they needed. Add Covid-19 in the mix, and the funding […]

We Will Navigate Funding Options For You

According to an article written by NASDAQ on nasdaq.com, the best way to access alternative lending is through a broker. Find a reputable lender, work through the various options available, and agree on. A broker can handle all this effort. Furthermore, a broker has already established relationships with a broad range of lenders, meaning that […]

The DO’s and DON’TS of PPP

Do’s and Don’ts of PPP The Paycheck Protection Program Do: Use the funds for Payroll, Utilities, Group Healthcare, Rent Keep track of the use of your PPP to ensure 75% is used towards payroll. Keep copies on hand of pay stubs, health insurance invoices, commissions, and premium payments, interest on mortgages, and rent in the […]

The Proof is in Our Clients

We are very proud to announce that we are an A+ accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. Each of our account managers dedicate their time and effort to each client, through A to Z and even encourage and welcome video calls, texts and telephone conversations after hours. It is our way of conveying just […]