The Proof is in Our Clients

We are very proud to announce that we are an A+ accredited Business with the Better Business Bureau. Each of our account managers dedicate their time and effort to each client, through A to Z and even encourage and welcome video calls, texts and telephone conversations after hours. It is our way of conveying just […]

Convenience is Key!

With the stresses of day to day operations, why should acquiring working capital add to the hassle of your business? It shouldn’t! We here at Merchants Cash Partners have made your life a little easier. You are now able to Apply Now, with basic info, to get the ball rolling to capital! In 10 seconds, […]

Why Isn’t My Business Booming?

If your business has stopped booming, time to look in the mirror. What do you see? Is your business in demand? Seasonal? Low inventory? Poor employee management? These factors directly impact your revenue and can cause your business to lose money. Applying for working capital can be built for your budget for any variable. You […]

Remembering our CEO, Elliot J Dabah

Elliot J Dabah of Merchants Cash Partners wasn’t just a partner of Elliot Ashkenazie, but a great friend.  “Elliot had a revolutionary style of making this industry a community,” says Ashkenazie. “He referred clients and prospects alike to small firms and national firms, expecting nothing in return.” In spite of the pandemic, Merchants Cash Partners, […]

The Future of Asking for Money: CONTACTLESS FUNDING

Digital payments, embedded payments in a platform or product, and contactless payments are the future of distributing money.   But what about asking for money? Inquiring for business financing also has improved the start to finish process. Over are the days of lengthy handwritten applications, tedious online forms, and sending bank statements via snail mail.  The […]

Refinance In Advance!

No need to wait for your financial circumstances to change to start thinking about refinancing.  Not only can it be a solution to add cash flow to your business, it can also assist you in getting out of a debt cycle. Refinancing can help reduce the amount your business owes during your term, whether it […]

Don’t Walk the Tight Rope when the Bank Says NO

Did you know that traditional banks can deny small business funding for not asking to borrow enough since it would not be profitable for them?  That is a tight spot to be in—business is struggling, yet the conventional institution wants you to service more debt than you’re financially capable of. With regards to the government-affirmed […]

Covid-19 and the Domino Effect

Small businesses already have a narrow margin for error in maintaining a steady stream of revenue.  The Covid-19 pandemic quickly filled that margin for many businesses. Whether business was slower, less goods were sold, you were forced to limit services, or ended business entirely, acquiring financial assistance early on could have covered payroll costs, business […]