According to Forbes, here are “Reasons To Apply For A Cash Advance”

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• Business Expansion and Renovations:
A store may be doing so well that it wants to expand but needs available cash. According to one 2021 survey, nearly half (49%) of small business owners plan to increase staff and expand or remodel their business.
• New Equipment, Inventory and Supplies:
You might be seeking to add trendy, high-tech equipment, and upgrades can be costly. Plus, store owners need to make sure they have enough inventory for customers and can access bulk purchase discounts. Being unable to stock enough inventory means empty shelves and frustrated customers leaving for other shops, and maybe never coming back.
• Marketing And Advertising:
So your new business is open. The layout is perfect, the store is sparkling clean and inventory is in supply. It’s time to get your marketing going! Advertising can include marketing in local newspapers, online and television, printing signage for your windows, paying to get the word out at events and paying for direct mailers.
• Rainy Day Or Emergency Fund:
You can plan the perfect budget down to the penny, but then the roof starts to leak or the refrigerator breaks down. These are problems that need to be fixed immediately. Small businesses need an emergency fund. In 2017, when Hurricane Harvey hit, small businesses were severely impacted. Many were without insurance and could have benefitted from a rainy day fund. It may seem counterintuitive to apply for a cash advance or loan so that you have money you might not need to use, but it can be a critical safety net.
• Employee Payroll:
If a merchant wants a loyal, happy and hardworking staff team, they’d better make sure employees get paid on time and that checks don’t bounce. There may be times when making payroll get tough, so a cash advance can be used to maintain timely payments.
• New Location:
Business is booming and it’s time to move to a bigger space in a new location. Moving expenses, unfortunately, could drain your budget. Consider getting a loan or cash advance to cover expensive moving costs. Once you’re selling greater amounts of inventory and continue to increase revenue, the loan can be paid back quickly.