The Future of Asking for Money: CONTACTLESS FUNDING

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Digital payments, embedded payments in a platform or product, and contactless payments are the future of distributing money.  

But what about asking for money? Inquiring for business financing also has improved the start to finish process.

Over are the days of lengthy handwritten applications, tedious online forms, and sending bank statements via snail mail. 

The future is a quick and thoughtful chat with our account specialists, and then sending over documents digitally, in an instant. 

Once we receive the necessary documents, we immediately seek the best financing options for you.  This means hard work behind the scenes.  Our account specialist push to get the merchant a first-rate funding plan.

There are no robots here.  No automated service system.

While the future of asking for money is simple, fast and easy for YOU, some good ole’ fashioned methods, like dedicated humans, never goes out of style.