Covid-19 and the Domino Effect

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Small businesses already have a narrow margin for error in maintaining a steady stream of revenue.  The Covid-19 pandemic quickly filled that margin for many businesses.

Whether business was slower, less goods were sold, you were forced to limit services, or ended business entirely, acquiring financial assistance early on could have covered payroll costs, business expenses, inventory, and aid in rebuilding. 

How does financing from Merchants Cash Partners help me generate revenue during the global pandemic?

To generate revenue, you need capital.  Whether your business operates seasonally or all year round, vendors need to be paid, employees need to be trained, inventory needs to be stocked.  A delay in any of the above could stall business flow.

What if my business is forced to close due to the global pandemic, such as, a gym, social club, restaurants, community recreation, etc.  How can funding help my business?

Our representatives carefully consider all aspects of your financial needs.  We determine your business’ eligibility from credit scores, to annual revenue, to deposits, debt and so forth.  The most effective way to determine this is to call us now.