Don’t Walk the Tight Rope when the Bank Says NO

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Did you know that traditional banks can deny small business funding for not asking to borrow enough since it would not be profitable for them? 

That is a tight spot to be in—business is struggling, yet the conventional institution wants you to service more debt than you’re financially capable of.

With regards to the government-affirmed moneylender programs of PPP or EIDL, millions of business’ still need an extension of funding and most government lenders are not taking the chance.

No need to sweat out this economic downturn.  Merchants Cash Partners will take the chance to help your business financially grow through an array of financing options. 

What do I need available funds for?

To manage costs, including payroll, taxes, vendors, resources, inventory, commercial fleet, business improvements, partner/share buy outs, etc. 

How can MCP help me prepare now, for later?

If your business meets our requirements, one of our dedicated advisors will assist you from the application process to the final signature!